Positioning and alerts

What methods can be used to track my civilian contacts?

Using Ultimate Civilian you are able to activate tracking via the following methods:

Tracking via alert – To enable tracking via the alert function select the ‘alert’ button situated at the bottom of your screen. Select the ‘tracking’ option from the drop down menu. You can use this option in the event that you actively require your movements to be tracked, for instance walking home late from a party or finding yourself in a potentially uncomfortable situation. You can of course activate a specific alert type if you find yourself in a situation where your safety is compromised.  

Constant tracking – Select the ‘more’ button at the bottom of your screen and select the ‘settings’ option. To enable constant tracking switch the setting to ‘on’. Once enabled via your settings this will constantly track all positions and does not require the civilian to manually enable or disable tracking.


When and how do I activate the Alert feature?

When faced with a distressing situation or extreme pressure it is not always practical to dial a telephone number.

In the event that your civilian contact finds themselves in a situation of panic or distress the ‘alert’ feature enables the user to discreetly notify their emergency contacts of their situation in real time. The emergency contact will receive a push notification directly to their smart-phone notifying them of the alert so that they are able to determine the location of the civilian therefore enabling them to take any direct appropriate action, and if required notify the emergency services.

To send an alert select the ‘alert’ button at the bottom of the screen and select the alert type from the drop down menu. Once the alter type is selected press and hold the central alert button.


Can I use Ultimate Civilian to ‘check in’ with my loved ones without causing alarm?


You can email your location to your contacts via the emergency contacts page. Simply select the appropriate emergency contact and press onto their email address - this will open up an email dialogue box. Enter any relevant information e.g. ‘arrived home from school’ and hit send. Your contact will receive an email giving your position and any other manually entered text.

You might use this feature for instance if you wanted to let a loved one know that you have arrived home safely after a night out. Similarly employers with lone workers could benefit from this feature in order to notify their line manager at regular intervals that ‘all is well’.


What happens if my phone is switched off or depleted?

Ultimate Civilian addresses a problem presented with other tracking applications in that once the phone is switched off or battery has depleted, it is unable to find your location. Ultimate Civilian addresses this issue by storing your position(s) along a route or journey on a secure server once the alert function is activated. This enables rescuers or family members to follow the route you have taken even after your phones battery is depleted or your phone is switched off.

Remember, even if you smart phone becomes inaccessible, simply log into www.ultimatecivilian.com.au to access your features and plotting data online.


I want to stop a contact from tracking me.

To stop a contact from tracking your position by selecting the relevant contact via the emergency contacts table. Select the on/off button situated on the right hand corner of your screen and switch to ‘off’.




What can I do if GPS doesn’t seem to be working?

Check that your smart phone settings are switched to enable location services. You can achieve this via Settings/General/Location Services.  

Ensure that location services are switched to 'on' then scroll down to the Ultimate Civilian option and switch the setting to ‘on’.